In My Mind

I sit and daydream while I should be doing work,
I think about you all the time.
I wonder what you're doing, are you ok?
I close my eyes and soon I find, you're in my Mind....

You're in my mind,
You're in my mind.

I see you standing in the rain,
Your hair is soaking wet, you're make-up's run.
You're close to tears, you are the one......

You're in my mind.
You're in my mind.

We walk home through puddled streets,
We laugh and joke and play around.
We don't care if the rain don't stop.
Our love is built on solid ground.

You're in my mind,
You're in my mind,
You're in my mind,
You're on my mind.

All Words and Music 1999 StarshipEarth.

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