Talk to me, tell me how you feel,
Is your love still real?
Am I wishing on a star?

Say the words, that I long to hear,
Words that draw you near,
To my open heart.

Do you know, that I need you so?
I can't let you go, you are everything to me.
I can see, you're in love with me,
And I want to be, the only one.

Whisper things, that I long to hear,
Please don't disappear, from my dreams.
You and I, we could really fly,
Off into the sky, to worlds beyond.

But I know, that I have to go,
And I'll miss you so, as it seems.
'Cause I know, that we really tried,
To make love inside, all in my dream.....

Just a dream, nothing in between,
Not quite what it seems, I'll be blue.
But you know that I love you so,
And one day I'll know, dreams may come true.....

All Words and Music 1999 StarshipEarth.

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